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Friday, February 4, 2011

part 2 - the final drama of the current high formation

2. Some astro insights for the high which is about to be finished with 2 trading days for various reasons explained before but with theses value added. The pattern described below is naturally more complex as the conjunction is a New Moon pattern at at the same time Venus runs through the last 2 days of Sagittarius making a square to Jupiter/Uranus and a sextile to Neptun/ Chiron.Finally heliocentric Mercury run through Sagittarius exiting today as well. Venus in Capricorn is quite the opposite of being in Sagittarius.  All this adds up to a significant high pattern around this weekend which is confirmed by the Technical picture as also now the SOX made a substantial high which should trigger a 13 count next week and the main US indices made 13s weekly and completed weekly set-up 9s this week. This is like counting the Black Jack deck the odds are very high for a 8-11% correction immediately. If Mubarak decides to step down this weekend markets will open with gaps higher but will turn into that fact as the Obama - Israel solution to hand over to the vice president is not what the people want and will not calm down anything. Astrology confirms that as the Jupiter Pluto square is about to get exact and more clashes are very likely even on a more intense level.


As if that is not enough, the Sun and Mars come intoconjunction on Friday, February 4.The importance of these two fiery gods was described last week as follows, “In a study I presented at one of the Astro Economic conferences in Chicago several years ago, I demonstrated that this conjunction—with an orb of 1-4 weeks—had the highest correlation to 10% or greater moves in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. That is, the stock market would make a high or low that was at least 10% from a prior high or low, and then commence a 10+% counter trend reversal during the orb of influence associated with this planetary conjunction. The Sun-Mars conjunction suggests that a top could be forming in this period from which prices will now drop 10%, before resuming the next leg up to new highs.”

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