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Friday, February 11, 2011

brainstorming Friday - part 1

1. After Mubarak refused to resign yesterday we had a silent military coup - Mubarak was sacked but they claim he resigned. The market blew up briefly as expected but as the military took over one dictator is replaced by a junta run by a VP who is chief spook - guess thats not what the people really wanted. Closer to what Israel wants rather so far but after the dust has settled and the cheers calm down and reality pops up things might look different. 
The upcoming Full Moon is opposite Neptun hence a big deception is about to happen lets see for how long people will buy that a change has happened. Markets will be faster to recognize that nothing good can come out of this and the Middle East is heading for more trouble.


Mubarak, Suleiman Step Down

Omar Suleiman has just announced that Mubarak has stepped down. And with Al Arabiya reporting that Omar Suleiman has also stepped down, this means that the military is now in charge. The countdown to peaceful revolutions all across the Muslim crescent is now on.

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