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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

brainstorming wednesday

1. Meridith Whitney is the declared persona non grata - or enemy No 1 of the DC gangsters and  Wallstreet banksters although she did not say anything surprising. Basically no difference between EU and USA some of the states are more bankrupt than the others. As long as Bernie-boy works the ponzi scheme by buying most of all issued Treasuries which is in a pure matter unconstitutional. Thats a different issue though - still this unchallended lies by the FED chairman about anything since he started might even outpace Greenspan who started this whole mess. Interestingly the degree of pain seems to determine who acts from Mainstreets populations around the world and its the 'ugly enemy Muslims' ( instead of the communists these days) who are so called enemies of democracy and freedom who fight for it while all the reluctant couch patatoes in developed countries keep eating the shit presented by the MSM and the elite robber gangs who run the governments. We are back to medival times nothing of democracy is left but the fasade which is rather a charade. Since the last option will be triggered soon anyway to distract bthe masses and close the deal of NWO by another global war.


Presenting Obama's Plan To Bail Out The (Otherwise Perfectly Solvent) States

We all know by now that Meredith is a witch: an unpatriotic, racist bitch, who eats kittens for breakfast, who deserves to be grilled by Joe McCarthy's exhumated corpse for telling communist truths, pardon, lies (just a Freudian slip dear Department of Central Planning and Internet supervision), and who will soon be accused of having unprotected (yet arguably consensual) sex with a Swedish man. But just in case she is on to something, here comes the president's plan to bail out the (otherwise perfectly solvent and all, we promise) states. The NYT reports that "President Obama is proposing to ride to the rescue of states that have borrowed billions of dollars from the federal government to continue paying unemployment benefits during the economic downturn. His plan would give the states a two-year breather before automatic tax increases would hit employers, and before states would have to start paying interest on the loans." But where are the details you may ask? Patience grasshopper: they will be included in the latest budget proposal which has been delayed for nearly half a year now as the printer ran out of zeroes. "The proposal, which administration officials said would be included in the 2012 budget that the president is scheduled to unveil next week, was greeted coolly by Republicans on Capitol Hill, who warned that the plan would ultimately force many states to raise their unemployment taxes in the years to come." Ah yes, the Republicans - those paragons of sound financial judgment and sounder virtue. After all who can forget whole "Tea Party thing" which did so much to prevent the incurrence of a few hundred billion in additional debt over the next decade to pay for the latest Russell 2000 at 36,000 hairbrained ponzi scheme concocted by Rudolph von Bernankestein.

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