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Monday, February 14, 2011

Market update

Weeks back I had hinted to an interesting scenario I found in a book from Gann as he claims that things might repeat in a 100 year cycle. So far I am impressed as the length of the 07 decline and the upswing are quite accurate.We are now in the 23rd month which is the length it took 100 years back and the magnitude is also quite similar as the SPX has exactly doubled from the evil 666 today. We reached monthly Bollinger today as well. My single best stock indicator Apple is about to make a severe high around the 360 level but has at  least one higher close ahead. We are in week11 hence we could go one more week up but more importantly we make weekly Seq 13s for SPX and Dow this week just before 2 - 3  major astro patterns indicate a significant high. Following the script of the chart of 1910 - the only difference is that we are lagging by about a year this century, would be a correction of about 25% starting this month.

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