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Monday, May 17, 2010

Brainstorming Monday - part 1

1. The EURO seems to turn around the strong 1.2250-2300 support area - assuming if tomorrow confirms the price action a retest of the 1.27 is the initial reaction- after even Newsweek declared on the cover-page the death of the EURO with prominent Rothschild puppets like Ackermann, Sarkozy and even Volcker trash talking the Euro hence Soros and friends had plenty of selling volume to cover their shorts.
At some point this or next week we might see how the Euro story decouples from the stockmarket theme again as weeks ago it worked anyway the other way around. As M. Armstrong got it pretty wrong these days as he contradicts himself on many occasions - well prison is not an easy thing to digest - his model computers are not available and as everything goes in cycles which is his basic assumption ( I completely agree with ) he himself is under the same kind of influence. He speaks against his own model and brings historic comparisons into unlogical assumptions. He compares the current situation on one hand to the developments of 1930-1 but rejects the idea that a debt crisis can trigger a stock sell off. As far I remember that is exactly what happened over and over again has on different occasions. Plus we never had on global scale this kind of debt combined with derivative exposure of banks who only survive and make profits thanks to free rides sponsored by central banks although their balance sheets are still contaminated. Economies around the world are fabricated on statistcal criminal grounds as we had no substantial growth for over a decade in real inflation terms. The biggest ponzi scheme in history has blown itself and their only way out is to drag the population into a big war to distract them and restart the matrix for them.


2. Was that a smart move from Iran to make an agreement with Turkey and Brazil - they think it was and it bought some time but I assume Israel does not buy it but brings an attack for now in the no go time frame as they need to proof that this is a phony scheme of Iran ( if it is one). Also Obama has a hard time to push harder sanctions via the UN as Russia and China will take the side of Iran most likely but at least water down any such escalation.

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