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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Weekend brainwashing

1.I guess those pool owners have never paid any proper taxes - rather close to zero - let them pay their taxes for the last 20 years and Greece debt goes down by 100 bil. minimum.

Rich Greeks Hide Their Swimming Pools: Report

Residents in rich areas of the Greek capital Athens are scrambling to hide their swimming pools under tarpaulins as tax authorities resort to satellite images to identify the owners and make them pay, French paper Le Monde reported on its Web site Friday.

The Parthenon in Greece
Scott E. Barbour | Getty Images

Swimming pools are considered luxury goods in Greece and subject to tax.

For a pool of between 25 and 60 square meters, owners would have to pay up to 800 euros ($1,000) per year unless they can transfer 11,600 euros to a Greek bank account and use it for purchasing certain goods, according to a Web site offering advice on living in Crete.

Only some 300 households in the north of Athens have declared owning swimming pools, but tax authorities discovered, with the help of satellite photographs, that there are about 17,000 pools in the area, Le Monde reported.

2. Why is their no FBI warrant for this con artist - he even is not banned from the industry . Obama attacks BP but he never lost a word about this specific gentleman who destroyed at least as much as the Rothschild entity BP

Ex-Lehman CEO Fuld Makes Return to Wall Street

3. Another propaganda piece from Barrons

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4. Same degree Clinton had never sex with anybody but his wife Goldman never did anything wrong. Clinton made a fortune with speeches for 250k per evening for Wallstreet firms and his future son in law works for Goldman - we all get where you heart is Mr. Clinton since you made this insane Wallstreet thieves to what they are today by taking down all fences like Glass Steagal.


Goldman Sachs Did Nothing Illegal: Clinton

Former President Bill Clinton says it is "time to lower the rhetoric and talk about the facts," in reference to the government's scrutiny of Wall Street.

In an exclusive interview with Maria Bartiromo, Clinton noted that while many financial firms are being questioned by the Securities and Exchange Commission, he does not believe that Goldman Sachs [GS 143.23 -1.42 (-0.98%) ] or CEO Lloyd Blankfein did anything illegal, based on what he's seeing.

The SEC has been probing the mortgage operations of major banks, but so far has only charged Goldman with civil fraud. The firm has said it will fight the charges and has vigorously denied any wrongdoing.

Clinton says "what we ought to do is have an honest conversation about what really happened, how to fix it, and how to get what's best about vital capital markets."

But despite the intense examination that many of the nation's banks are facing right now, Clinton does not think the current adminstration is anti-business.

The former president also set his sights on the effort to put a dent in the ballooning budget deficit. The full-year deficit this year is projected to be $1.5 trillion. Last month, the U.S. posted its biggest April budget deficit on record. During Clinton's presidency, the U.S. enjoyed a budget surplus.

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