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Friday, May 21, 2010

part 3

4. banks rally after the senate vote on financial regulation overhaul that means their puppets dodd, schumer and frank have done a good job for them. ı doubt that the good times are back for them. below the yield curve there they literally printed money the last quarters will have produced some losses for the banksters currently.


The Mother Of All Unwinds Accelerates: Treasury Curve Flattening With Unprecedented Speed

A couple million force-liquidating shares in Amazon or a few billion shorts covered in EURAUS, all those, while painful, are manageable. Yet the biggest positional unwind ongoing currently, which has trillions of dollars behind it, and that few are talking about is the unprecedented flattening of the Treasury curve, as seen in the 2s10s. With every hedge fund, most notably Julian Robertson, and bank (Morgan Stanley), either actively buying or pitching curve steepeners, virtually all market participants are now on the wrong side of the trade, which has collapsed from 290 a month ago to 242bps today, and it appears we will take out the September low of 230 bps shortly. Zero Hedge has long been warning that curve flattening is the biggest squeeze danger out there, courtesy of massive groupthink, which always without fail (anyone remember Volkswagen) cause massive pain to all those who instead of thinking independently, rush into a trade just because "everyone else is doing it." Well, the trade now is collapsing, and with leverage in the hundreds if not thousands, all those who have steepeners on are forced to liquidate whatever else holdings they have, further pushing the long-dated side of the curve lower, thereby reinforcing the liquidation pressure. Look for the 2s10s to continue collapsing, and for MS to change its tune on the steepener trade shortly.

5. mrs clinton is very busy preparing the world for WW3 it seems as she also gets involved into the north korea issue now. it is a bit a hypocrite argument to hear from a country that fabricated reasons to invade a country to hear such a reason to hustle around. nevertheless in a world of predators the winner takes it all attitude it still is not wise to play iran a stronger hand and ı am sure she is a complete failure as a secretary of state - neither does she make a difference with her sporadic gigs nor does she have the skills or grip to run such a delicate position within such a timid global scenario.

Hillary Clinton: North Korea 'must stop provocative behaviour'

North Korea must face international consequences for torpedoing a South Korean warship, Hillary Clinton, the US secretary of state, warned on Friday.

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