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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

EURO update

The expected bounce was limited so far but we are just in the process to defend the support as we are in week 9 and a special effect (astro) will be gone by the 17th which should reverse the current moves also valid for Gold. In a bigger picture we are in the final stage of an ABC correction C leg down with the 50% retracemnet around 1.23. It looks as the second half of the year we might be back with the focus on US debt once the hysteric EURO part is over for a while. Crucial is since we are in monthly count 6 where we will be at the end of this month - the odds are high the support might hold for now. Soros and some other Rothschild 'hitmen' want to crash it EURO as they did with the Sterling 20 years ago since it would create plenty of trading opportunities. It would trigger what happened back in 1931 a global depression as the default in Europe was the 2nd leg of the collapsing markets caused by the Rothschild bank Creditanstalt in Austria which was a powerhouse back then.

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