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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

part 3

5. We made it to the likely target of scenario one 1170 ( though 1180 is still possible) while options behave as they should and the HFT guys pumping the markets again. As I said a few days earlier the Monday -Tuesday rise may be it if market closes neutral today we have a high probability that the double top is even less likely and we are in for a slow motion drop to the same levels very soon probably as early as next week as tomorrow will have to confirm that short covering is over and market needs to test the downside again soon.
The Euro bounce was so far less impressive I will comment on that later today or tomorrow.

6. Obama boys and girls suck from FED to SEC even Ms Bair who I thought might be on the right side turned out to be a bankster puppet as well. Numbers speak louder than words.


Challenger Investigation Got $175 Million. Columbia $152 Million. Lewinsky $30 Million. 9/11 $15 Million. Financial Crisis Gets Only $8 Million

Washington’s Blog

The government spent $175 million investigating the Challenger space shuttle disaster.

It spent $152 million on the the Columbia disaster investigation.

It spent $30 million investigating the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

The government only authorized $15 million for the 9/11 Commission.

And how much has the government authorized for the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission? You know, the commission charged with getting to the bottom of what caused the financial crisis?

Just $8 million.

You can tell alot about the questions which the government is truly interested in finding answers to by the amount of money it authorizes for the various investigations.

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