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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuesday Brainstorming - part 1

1. Gonna be a very interesting day as we challenge the lows in US stock futures even make new ones in the temp. support zone which might be for the euro even more then just temp as we made the spike to 1.27 as expected and retest the lows which is a good thing up to here. Again I believe the currency and stockmarket will decouple for various reasons since around 1.50 Euro levels I said against the mass media experts that europe was in bad shape and now I call that USA is in even worse shape around these levels. In America banks are shut down on a weekly basis so why all the hype about this Spanish bank. In Spain we will see what was overdue for a long time as the real estate developers owe 400 bil Euro of debt with half of it invested in land they cannot explore anytime soon. Which means that Spain will take over and nationalize banks and the relative low debt to GDP ratio will reach EU average of 80-90% soon as the losses of banks will be booked to taxpayers accounts soon as it happens around the world - no big deal just an overdue process.
Markets are simply overvalued as the whole rally was a scam from the beginning, part of it was technically overdue but the Rothschild puppets made it too obvious that all their vodoo bullshit arguments do not hold what they promised all the way long. Where is Mr Buffett and his nude camp Mosquitos right now or all the cash at the sidelines waiting to buy this V shaped miracle economy. Obama is angry at BP to distract from the fact that his economic miracle never happened they just manipulated stocks higher and created profits with a Ponzi scheme rally for banks backed by Mainstreets money - who on the other side have no jobs and losses on their savings as they are cheated by DC on a daily basis with phony economic numbers. With real inflation around 5-6% if you do not earn that you loose money in real buying power plus if you have a job and do not get raises in that magnitude the same applies - you loose and that for the last 20 years.
North Korea is a distraction as well probably orchestrated by Iran as the geopolitical risks are rising sharply and Obama is stupid enough to send ships to Iran to prepare for war as his chief of stuff is in Israel - it is clear that the world is not run by the right people nor do they serve the people they are supposed to but rather some Rothschild-Rockefeller cabal of plutocrats who want to establish their NWO.
True is some sort of big war is looming and very likely start some time soon but rather 4th quarter into 2011 is a more likely time-frame from an astrological point of view. Sadly some natural disasters are due soon as Saturn and Neptun will go stationary within 24h at months end in an 150 degree angle - I did not due the math but that should be a very rare event more like once in thousands of years. This can bring earthquakes, flooding, disease and make the oil spill definitely worse. This all happens while Uranus enters Aries which will make the Korea situation go wild with Jupiter joining it prevent a real negative event though. This are unpleasant times but on the other hand give a chance to face the music and act as letting corrupt politicians and greedy bankers of the hook is not the right thing to do anymore with increasing pain this will get the central theme and the last joker to distract the public is for those cabalists to start another big war - do not get hooked on such ideas - the enemy is within not outside the country

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