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Monday, May 24, 2010

Brainstorming Monday - part 1

1. Geithner , Bernanke and Clinton in China to push things - I am not sure if such media coverage makes me puke or laugh. Who could push China anywhere these days - especially as they see how DC manipulates all kind of markets.
Rahm Emmanuel proves his Zionistic attitude by celebrating his sons Bar Mizwah in Israel this week probably taking new orders how to run USA from his real masters.
By the way Geithner father worked for the Ford Foundation as did Obama's mother what a coincidence since the Ford Foundation is a close ally of the Rockefeller cabal.

2. The usual supects are pushing the market with their special spin as MS claims that Apple goes over 400 which is the ultimate NDX play and Goldman after proven track-record of very negative client advice daily proved in FX pushes Citi after saving the tiny Chicago bank another small favor to their beloved president Obama.

excerp 1

Continued iPhone growth could push Apple stock to $400

Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty said Monday she believes iPhone market share growth, including in the enterprise market, along with strong initial demand for the iPad will push Apple stock to $310, but her "bull case" scenario shows it going even higher, to $400.v

excerpt 2

Goldman is now adding to its clients' future woes by upgrading bankrupt bank Citi even as it sells Citi shares to clients who follow its advice. The reason: "There are two themes that keep us positive on universal banks – the turn in consumer credit, and prospects for a good capital markets quarter." Oddly enough, there is no mention of the fact that the primary means by which banks have generated (near) flawless recent quarters has been due to the extremely steep yield curve and that this steepness has been reduced by almost 20% in the past week, thus taking away a massive chunk of Bank P&L. As for the turn in consumer credit, should some administration be voted in that actually tells homeowners to pay their mortgages for a change, the bloodbath in bank balance sheets will be unprecedented. Now that Goldman has put Jefferies on the Conviction Sell list it is time to load up. Here is the full rating change summary from this morning's Goldman report on financial firms.

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