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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

part 2

3. The usual suspects made a mistake by even sweeping aside any camouflage by admitting that they can make profit on any given day of a quarter. Well one part of that miracle is that the FED produces free profits in outrageous amounts for banks but that does not make for a perfect play the other is that this quarter was a volatile one for stocks with a fast correction in FEB and still they manged not to loose that is only possible for one reason - they are manipulating/ making the market. Zerohedge did some extensive work to prove how deeply both are involved in manipulating diverse market segments and since the upside stock manipulation matched the interests of DC as it gives Mainstreet the feel that they have more money to spend although last Thursday put a big dent on that fairy tale with Accenture trading at 1 cent for a few minutes.


Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase Roar Ahead

The trading operations of Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase made money every single business day in the first quarter, a feat that was a first for the companies and underlines the boom in Wall Street’s investment banking revenues.

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Goldman’s [GS 143.83 0.84 (+0.59%) ] trading desk recorded a profit of at least $25 million (£16.8 million) on each of the quarter’s 63 working days, making more than $100 million a day on 35 occasions, according to a regulatory filing issued on Monday.

The result, following a series of regulatory probes into Goldman’s trading activities, could fuel criticism of its business model and market behavior.

However, JPMorgan [JPM 41.95 1.19 (+2.92%) ] also achieved a loss-free quarter in its trading unit — making an average of $118 million a day, nearly $5 million an hour — as it built on the gains made during the financial crisis when rivals faltered or failed.

Goldman’s executives said the trading performance had been due to its robust risk management and booming markets.

The 14 largest global investment banks reported $78.8 billion first-quarter revenues, their best numbers in three years and just 1 percent shy of the record.

Analysts said the resurgence might give ammunition to politicians who want to impose a global banking tax and could strengthen the hand of regulators seeking to force banks to hold more capital and liquid assets against future problems.

“At a time when many individuals are still having to tighten their belts... this increases the attractions of forcing the banks to carry a higher share of the burden,” said Richard Reid, research director at the International Centre for Financial Regulation.

Goldman, which is already facing civil fraud charges from U.S. regulators over a mortgage-backed security, could also face particular calls to rein in its operations.

Morgan Stanley analysts found that Goldman had continued to lead the pack in revenue overall in the first quarter as industry leader in equities and in fixed income, currencies and commodities (FICC).

4. ISE starts at normalized levels currently at 131 but the 10day MA at 96 quite low. The Rydex has come down way as well but not at buy levels yet

Date NAV Adjusted N/U Ratio
5/7/2010 0.915
5/6/2010 1.015
5/5/2010 1.082
5/4/2010 1.052
5/3/2010 1.292
4/30/2010 1.260
4/29/2010 1.187
4/28/2010 1.282
4/27/2010 1.614
4/26/2010 1.602

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