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Friday, May 14, 2010

part 2

3. The cold economic war is already fully deployed as plenty forces with opposing agendas are playing each other on the EURO debt crisis. America does temporarily tolerate the rising Dollar as it helps to sell their debt with a fresh load of 2 tril. Treasuries to hit the markets this year. even the fact that in April America's debt grew faster by whopping 83 bil. is neglected by the pathetic herd of currency speculators who run always after the same trade. America's debt situation is far worse than the EU one but still people focus on the EU and create this break up scenario which would be very beneficial for USA as besides China they are the biggest competitor. Remember a few months back all sovereigns were discussing to divest from US Dollar reserves and that the ultimate drop of the Dollar was due. Pendulum has swung to the other extreme and suddenly the EURO is the doomed currency - while the real playftield is a complete different one. If Greece had borrowed 80 % domestically and the European banks were not on the hook we would have not seen any bailout package. This is again a huge bailout of banks and Mainstreet has to pay with higher taxes and paycuts - sure in Greece the salaries and retirement pays are insanely high but typically for those countries rich people pay close to zero in taxes and may have made their money by stealing money from EU pools with the help of a corrupt administration ( but that is rather a global system). This is not an Euro crisis but another banks gamble with taxpayers money and are to stupid to play it smart crisis. This trillion robbery of the last years which has always been a scam but been driven to extremes the last 10-20 years with the introduction of OTC derivatives which turned banks into a huge srew taxpayer casino as they can do easily one trick all the time they swap away current losses and marks current profits hence you can get the bonus ATM running at all times. The bankers are a global system which works for different and competing power entities and are to a big degree owned and managed by them like the Vatican or Rockefeller, Rothschild empires. There is one book only published in German language called 'Das schwarze Reich' - the black empire that is a book that reveals history from a total different angle then taught in schools and shows what really happens behind all the noise and mass propaganda machinery.

The noise that some members are rumored to leave the EURO like Germany was and Sarkozy - he only talks the books of French banks who have build a massive short position in the EURO. Imagine what a snake oil salesman Sarkozy is as he one week claimed to defend the EURO with all means and now threatens an impossible thing to leave the EURO. No one can leave the EURO without breaking all rules and contracts which comes close to declaration of war. Sarkozy is a Rothschild puppet who plays as his master orders him and France has the most to loose as French banks have the biggest exposure to PIIGS with close to 1 tril.


German officials are already debating what was unthinkable to the euro’s architects: that a currency union designed in its founding treaty to be “irrevocable” might not be. Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said March 12 that expulsion from the euro may be the ultimate penalty for serial violators of debt rules.

Under current EU law, ejection is “legally next to impossible,” the ECB said in December. Changing the treaty requires unanimity among the EU’s 27 governments, so the euro’s current lineup -- likely to be joined by Estonia next year -- will have to find a way of making do.

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