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Monday, May 17, 2010

part 2

3. Some unpleasant truth from one of the few upright guys in DC - Ron Paul, I do not agree on the account of Wallstreet - thouıgh as greedy banksters or rather their plutocrat masters developed a system of corrupt politicians and their perfect instrument the FED as a backstop for their trillion theft machinery and carry rather the biggest part of blame and responsibility.

excerpt 1

4. More unpleasant truth as Rothschild'S BP and Rothschild's DC keep the truth under the rogue


Sunday's report this week focused in particular on the reports of huge underwater plumes of oil. And how big are the plumes? Most of the reports on the keyword "plume" very carefully give only two numbers - a length and depth, or a length and width, so doing the math requires some diligence on a readers part to come up with facts.

However, credit to the NY Times and MSNBC for their report on Saturday which contained all three numbers: 10 miles long, 3-miles wide, and 300-feet thick.

So let's discount the hell out of even these numbers and see where it leads us, shall we?

The length of the underwater plume (which is of heaviest crude components like asphalt and paraffin and such) is given as 10-miles.

The width is report as 3-miles. But because we expect it's only 3-miles wide at its widest, maybe it's only one eighth of a mile wide (660') on average, or some smaller fraction like that.

And while the thickness is given as "300 feet", let's use one third that number - just 50 feet - and then run out some basic numbers and see if the reported 210,000 gallons per day being spoon-fed to the MSM is anywhere near measured reality, shall we?

Dim. Operator Units Multiplies to
L 52800
W X 660 34,848,000 sq/ft
H X 50 1,742,400,000 cu/ft
Gal/CuFt X 7.48 13,033,152,000 gallons
Days / 28 465,469,714 Gal/Day
/ 42 11,082,612 BBL/Day

Peoplenomics this weekend went on to cite the references, like how many gallons are in a cubic foot - that and how many gallons are in an average swimming pool.

The spoon-fed MSM number of 210,000 gallons per day would mean a spill of 11 average swimming pools a day and since we're 28-days into the event, about 300 swimming pools of oil.

One of the numbers is obviously bullshit. Either BP & gov't are underplaying the hell out of this hoping to avoid wholesale panic around the Gulf Coast states (can't blame 'em...) OR this 'oil volcano' continues to be an extinction level event in the works.

Reality Check:

The problem with our 'rickety time machine" (the web bot project at ) is that it is not perfect. We often get the year wrong. BUT we are now operating on the assumption that our earlier work about the 'global coastal event' is now here.

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