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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Another big lie is that banks get no subsidies - its rather the opposite

America has negative interest rates as short term rates are below inflation the citizen who saves for his retirement loses money if he buys or invests in short term interest bearing products.
At the same time banks get '0' financing which is at least 200 BP too low against official inflation in real terms its rather 500-600 BP. Lets make a quick calculation if a bank with a 1 tril. balance cheat can finance the borrowed side with 200 BP less - hence it makes an extra profit of 20 bil. per year, if we take the real numbers of 500-600 BP an institution like Citi makes 50-60 bil. in extra profits.
The profits banks make have nothing to do with skills and those thieves do not deserve any bonus at all - they have just developed a 'legal' ( laws do not represent justice) way to rob Mainstreet with the help of DC or all the other governments who administer the same principles. This system has been established for a long time as inflation has been held artificaly low for over 2 decades - they only brought it to a deeper scale now.
A single bank like Citi gets between 20-60 bil in subsidies right now from Mainstreet directly and that is true for all banks out there - make your own math how much 'profits you throw to them' and they get away with mil . bonus pays for nothing.

'chicks for free and money for nothing' - remember that song that seems to be the mantra of the world wide Rothschild/ Rockefeller organization. what they call democracy is just the matrix they have created to make you believe that you had free choices. You have none they dictate the President , the FED chairman, the Cabinet and the people who control them like the chairs of the committee's. The new health care and financial regulations make things rather worse, when you took the time to read the MT piece from Rolling Stone from 8200 banks 8000 have been taken out and the regulations watered down to a degree that the subsidies are made permanent on a non rewarding basis - so they can screw Mainstreet even more.

Henry Ford said about a century ago- if people understood what the finance and government system is doing with them - revolution would start overnight.

Berthold Brecht once said if you want to rob a bank found one - but he was to short sighted they rather rob the whole country through the banks.

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