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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Brainstorming Tuesday - part 1

1. A few days of partly gloomy thoughts about the market as Mercury entered Capricorn and is now on Pluto and square Saturn - which means some unpleasant truths may be unveiled but at the same time the Jupiter Neptun conjunction neutralizes most of it. Actually starting with next weeks New Moon in perfect angle to the Jupiter Neptun conjunction ( the main reason for this 9 month rally) will trigger a final wave up of 3-4% in the DOW and SPX ( 10700 and 1150) in a fast manner which will trigger a second round of weekly 13 counts but the rally might run into problems around the Christmas days already short term with some unpleasant angles as the Sun will arrive at the same spot Mercury is today followed closely by Venus a few days later. The tough lunar eclipse on NYE in square to Saturn will bring unpleasant to gloomy energies as the Jupiter effect is fading away and will vanish. After that the chances for a double dip low in the markets will be in full force in Q1 and Q2.

2. America is in best case a BBB rating but its not a matter of some analysts getting fired as Marla from zerohedge states. The global implications are too big as Moody's would ever dare to downgrade US debt before 2020. The CIA/NSA or whoever REALLY SECRET SUBGROUP would take care of such events with accidents and heart illness cases.


Moody's Absolutely Does Not Fail to Issue Timely Non-Downgrade Downgrade on United States and United Kingdom Debt

The passage of time, in addition to being subject to dilation through the effects of e.g., relative velocity, also suffers numerous perceptual contortions depending on the observer's particular state of mind. For the purposes of day to day affairs, most humans not at relative velocities to their immediate surroundings that reach a significant fraction of the speed of light, would find these subjective changes normally accounting for the largest perceived deltas in the passage of time ("a watched pot never boils, etc.") Of course, as with most of the laws of nature, the regina scientiarum and, if you believe their analysts, even the laws of thermodynamics, when it comes to the ratings agencies, all bets are off and mere humans unable to shift their perceptions into rates more in line with geologic observations will be doomed to frustration and folly. So it is this morning with Moody's, which has, ever so subtly, maybe warned of what might someday develop into conditions that, in exactly the right environment, could potentially result in a downgrade for the Aaa rated United States and the United Kingdom... maybe sometime around 2013 or so, maybe. (Proving once and for all that Moody's finally fired analysts John Cusack and Amanda Peet).

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