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Monday, December 28, 2009

SPX update - sell into this obvious manipulation of prices

The SPX has reached the crucial sell levels and got there obviously by a pure price manipulation. All the positive Astro support is fading away as Jupiter moves away from the conjunction and within a few weeks out of Aquarius ( the positive tech momentum will vanish as well). We are approaching a lunar eclipse on NYE which is a T-square with the Saturn / Pluto square which will bring markets down. Finally the overdue correction will start and many technical indicators are on red alert. Actually we should have had the same timing as the Dollar and Gold but that acted to the Mars retrogade and is not in a political manipulation as stocks are. As we also are approaching monthly 9 counts we can expect a severe correction and I still believe we will retest the lows and even make new ones. The mainstream Wallstreet analysts have no doubt that the worst is behind which is a confirmation for that scenario. Zerohedge brought up a good point for even a downside manipulation in stocks as the Treasury will have trouble selling 2 tril in new government bonds and a good way to produce demand would be a stock crash of some degree and the charts do confirm such a move as well.

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