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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

SPX update

The picture is quite clear and confirmed by the stars. A final blow up towards 1150 is building. The likely time is the New Moon in exactly 2 weeks as today is a Full Moon. This New Moon will be very positive as it also marks the time of the last of 3 conjunctions between Jupiter, Chiron and Neptun on the 20th Dec and Mars going stationary opposite them on 21st. The year end rally will drive markets higher. I still think after today's Full Moon we will see a minor setback before and THE NDX will be an underperformer going forward. 1075 seems to be the downside support for now and should be retested once again before Goldman and JPM drives markets higher as they need the highest possible year end mark to justify their insane bonus policy as those money was purely gained from the AIG bailout with taxpayer money.

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