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Monday, December 7, 2009

part 2 - the inflation fraud

3. The Greenspan / Bernanke fraud - as I posted many times about the global fraud scheme governments screw Mainstreet with too low official inflation. That system was taught to Europe and most Emerging Markets in the last 10 years as well - here the real inflation numbers. When Bernanke and his mates from the FED say they have inflation under control that's a freaking lie. When fundmanagers tell you they beat the benchmark what most do not anyway the lost money in real terms as they did not beat real inflation. When your boss tells you he can not raise your pay that's mostly true for the big enterprises they do lie as well as their so called profit margin comes from your too low salaries ( that2s why they deserve their humongous bonus checks) - then they have the chance they rather hire some slaves in China for 1 Dollar a day anyway.

Inflation: Chart of the CPI.

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