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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

part 2

3. Inv. Intel as good as it gets at record level on the bears and the spread bulls had also an 55 level once.

4. The ISEE indicator improves sharply into the right direction as we trade the 180 level currently hence the 10 day will be at 140 tomorrow actually today which is the correction level but still can go to even 150. In any case the top is about to gett to the point. Its anyway just printing higher prices government sponsored market manipulation. If someone tried to sell serious amounts the market would drop sharply ( except for PPT holding it up). Max target were SPX 1150 and DOW 10700 anyway.

Previous Trading Day15312/22/2009
10-Day Moving Average13812/09/2009 - 12/22/2009
20-Day Moving Average13411/24/2009 - 12/22/2009
50-Day Moving Average13210/13/2009 - 12/22/2009
52-Week High22003/09/2009
52-Week Low7710/20/2009

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