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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

part 2

3. The way tops are made are not just indicators one has to get the whole mix and its gettin close.
The ISEE MA's are about to see todays numbers and try to digest the 52 - week high of 220 and see when it was made - thats the only time I have seen such a thing because it would usually mark a high not a low - clear indication of manipulation.
Anyway more reliable are the MA's the 10 tops around 150 the 20 makes 140 to a good level - we do not have the levels yet. The fact that the VİX dived below 20 is also good for a top but the count says 3 more weeks of lower weekly closes are very likely before the big turn comes. It can be a bit more tricky though as starting next week for different reasons the probability is rather for a spike in vol for the next 2-3 weeks and we get a final upmove starting later in Jan briefly. I was looking for a double top in the Nov/ Dec period but now it looks it will be delayed by a month.

Previous Trading Day15312/21/2009
10-Day Moving Average13512/08/2009 - 12/21/2009
20-Day Moving Average13411/23/2009 - 12/21/2009
50-Day Moving Average13310/12/2009 - 12/21/2009
52-Week High22003/09/2009
52-Week Low7710/20/2009

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