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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Some truth from Rick and the truth about Steve he is a con -omist

The first thing we should do is reduce e-Con-om(art)ist as they should know best of all that all statistics have been altered to make them look as some people need them to make one of the biggest cons in history. I made the math in earlier posts already but again by understating inflation the US government steals around 400 billion just these year from its bond investors. Furthermore 150 mio working Americans with an average yearly salary of 50k ( did not look up the real numbers) gives us 7.5 tril in total salary again with 4% to low pays we have another 300 bil. plus all the too low pension payments of retired people we end up with 1 tril Dollar they steal from your pockets only for this year. On top of that will be the trillions banks will have cost the system the numbers above were the regular numbers for the last 20 years theft.
The e-con-omist on the media are the cover up boys as they wash the brains of the public to make the con work and Steve Liesman is clearly one of them - thumbs up for Rick though, he is one of the few who speaks the truth.

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