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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Brainstorming Wednesday

1. Huffington Post calls for the quite revolution its a good starting point - change your banks and brokers actually you can manage your money yourself with ETF's and common sense if you do not give to many credit to mainstream media news.

Move Your Money: Transfer Your Money From Big Banks To Community Banks

2. I hinted a few times to the time bombs within the EU and that the Euro rise was not supported by any fundamentals - actually the rise of the Euro was a US government move to gather earnings momentum for the SPX 500 companies who made more than 50% from oversees profits mostly due to currency effects. The problem now is that the heavy burden of 2.5 tril of bond issues thereby 2 tril is net new borrowing can not be accomplished with a sinking Dollar. To prepare for another scam they let the Dollar float higher to generate demand - though the second step of this operation might be to let stock markets drop hence that will ultimately trigger save heaven buying.

Euro Zone Grapples With Debt Crisis

In 2010, many nations in the currency bloc will attempt to shore up finances and sustain fitful economic recoveries

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