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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Nasdaq Composite - the lagging index - red alert

Even here we reached now extreme territory testing the band resistance with the nose just above the 200 week MA. We might though have still a little room for the manipulators will try to drive markets higher under all circumstances in this thin market. Unfortunately DC will consider this kind of manipulation as beneficial and rather support it as they consider it a victory to make Mainstreet believe they are richer. Its like a Victoria Secret show where the girls get hours of make up to create the impression they have perfect bodies but once you go in medias res with the ladies the truth will come out. The difference though is that this are beautiful women after all, the economy is rather a Frankenstein's monster. We are reaching exhaustion levels and red alerts are all over the tapes as we will have a sharp decline early Jan. even the week between the holidays might be trouble. What we see is a perfect Astro effect of the final Jupiter Neptun conjunction which is fading away and as soon as the Sun hits the square with Saturn at Christmas trouble are on.

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