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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tuesday brainstorming

1. Geithner is insane and a freaking disgrace - with this Feinberg charade

a) Secretely the Fannie and freddie limits were taken away and the moron Ceo's working there loaded with millions in cash bonus pays.

b) Why does a councel who was around and responsible for the disaster AIG is in get millions of taxpayer dollars

Departing AIG Counsel Gets Millions as She Exits

It is unbelievable how this Obama admin does things and finally they are even more rotten than the Bush boys as they do all this in the open and despite the obvious failure of prudence and criminal methods people get their undeserved perks ( actually I call that stealing at daylight). This whole Feinberg charade with pay cuts as everybody was allowed to rush out of TARP which was a stupid criteria in the first place. I know I sound like a broken record but Goldman and JPM just to name the big gainers of this crisis have still billions of taxpayer money in their pockets which are not due for repayment. They still can borrow at zero allthough inflation is at 4% aprox. right now and in case of JPM were allowed to raise interest rates to Mainstreet plus all the other taxpayer perks like the 500 mil for the Goldman building.

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