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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

part 2 - a horror outlook for the ones with open minds

3. Feinberg is a pathetic moron as he scaled back on some AIG pays but what could we expect he is anything nothing but another propaganda trick of the Obama 'change team' - jumping to a complete different topic the future. Many films do take up the 2012 theme these days but more from a Hollywood angle but the stars do say that a big structural change will occur and as we all know by experience it always starts with a break down - death comes always before rebirth and the lunar eclipse this year end is a harbinger of that scenario.

Here a gloomy but still not unrealistic scenario based on my knowledge of astrology some really ugly things will happen within the next years which will change the world as we know it. Just to make one thing clear as Dan Brown the famous author ( a propaganda author for the Rothschild's as he presented the Prior de Sion and the Freemason's as the good guys in his books) has introduced correctly in his books that the elite, like the highest degree of Freemasons is very much aware of the quality astrology has to offer - it gets mobbed in the mass media in order to distract the regular people from the real stuff - standard procedure.

Excerpt from Amanita Newsletter Jan 2009
Read the full research - its a good read

The essence of this Amanita Investor’s Guide 2009 is again against the general consensus:
sentiment surveys confirm that people expect immediate Armageddon and crash prophets of
all sorts make it to the headlines. In contrast, I project the very last boom in the capitalistic
system for 2009-12 (especially from mid-2009 through mid-2010): a crack-up boom triggered
by exploding government expenses because of the largest stimulus packages in the history
of capitalism.
1. Obama plans to spend another 10% of the true US GDP (which is less than $10
trillion) for 2009-10. Taking all other decisions into account, we arrive at a US bailout
amounting to a mind-boggling $8.5 trillion (= around 90% of true GDP).
Compare that with 40% of the GDP that the entire WW2 did cost the US over 4
2. China has announced a bail-out of more than 60% (!) of the GDP over the next
years (around $2.2. trillion).4 The Chinese government knows very well that the
revolutionary forces in China are strong and it will be overthrown once the economic
expansion comes to a halt. In addition China still has a large financial scope, in
contrast to most other countries. Quarreling Europe so far has only guaranteed
1.5% of the GDP but you can bet much more is coming.


I see 3 main stages since the ingress of Pluto into Capricorn in 2008:
1. 2008-2012 state-controlled economy, protectionism, corporatism, crack-up boom ,
wave of bankruptcies, hyperinflation, state defaults, riots:
The state is gaining more and more importance, the nationalizations in 2008 were just
the beginning. All these bail-outs are by no means a spontaneous and unplanned
emergency aid, in contrast everything is on track to create the fascist-communist New
World Order (NWO) with omnipotent governments (and the illuminati control the
At the same time trade barriers are erected (protectionism). The political riots are
getting more and more frequent and violent, a new war of similar importance as the
Iraq war 2003 may break out, although this is not the time for world war (yet).
Corporatism means that the different interests within a society (e.g. industrial
relations) are negated or are subject to ‘gleichschaltung’, this is the core of
totalitarism. There is a wonderful quote of Mussolini, the creator of modern fascism,
“Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of
state and corporate power." This is the essence. Mussolini was a socialist to the tips
of his fingers, and German fascism was correctly labeled “National Socialism”. The
term fascism was mainly used by socialists who wanted to distract from the similar
ideological base. Regardless of the propaganda from the brainwashed political
science and mass media, fascism has its roots in the radical left. That’s why the
ongoing fascist re-modeling of the Western society is not recognized: everyone is
looking to the right but the danger is coming from the left. Webster Griffin Tarpley has
page 5 of 49
explained well in his book that the messianic leadership cult centered on Obama
bears the classic characteristics of fascism. However, it’s probably unique in history
that peaceful Obama critics were already arrested before (!) Obama was even
elected president (as documented by Alex Jones and others). Obama is planned to
be the door-opener for global fascistic socialism, but this won’t be recognized before
2011-12. A bold prediction: the Bush haters will pray for the return of Bush as the
lesser evil. Still, Obama might be assassinated in 2012, he is nothing but a tool for
the powers that be. After this event national emergency is declared and FEMA takes
over the country, this marks the transition from “government economy” (stage #1) to
war economy (stage #2).
2. 2013-17 war economy, hardship economy :
The hyperinflation and the state defaults lead to the total collapse of the economic
and political system, followed by wide-spread riots, wars and civil wars. The situation
should be somewhat better in Europe than in the US but the crisis is global by nature
and there are no ‘natural’ places to hide. While the government-controlled communist
economy is already in the making, the coming war economy is not a topic (yet).
Around 2015 I expect the highest martial activity on the planet between WW2 and the
year 2100. 2020-2033 should be very peaceful.
A war economy is usually characterized by the market forces being disabled to a
large extent, e.g. replaced by ration stamps and government controlled prices
(accompanied by a black market, of course). Closed exchanges are much more likely
than before because this time the financial markets are not just a symptom but the
core of the problem. Unfortunately, the main challenge in the war years 2015 +/- 2
years will be to live well, or even to live at all in some areas. Many cities will be
heavily impaired by the massive unrest or civil wars, everyone who is able will escape
to rural areas.
3. around 2020 restart of the system : The start of the current capitalistic system is dated
back to 1775/76, in 1776 Adam Smith published „Wealth of Nations“. and the US &
and the dollar were founded in 1775/76. Pluto as the symbol for money, power,
transformation & death was in late Capricorn at this time. Capricorn is the sign of
(political and financial) structure. Almost exactly one Pluto cycle of 246.8 years earlier
the first exchange opened, in 1531 in Antwerp. 5 Pluto cycles before was the most
important moment in the financial history of the 1st millennium: at the end of the 3rd
century the Roman empire experienced a hyperinflation (silver in coins reduced to
zero), again Pluto was in the 2nd half of the sign Capricorn. In 301 AD emperor
Diokletian fruitlessly tried to curb inflation with price controls (it was forbidden to rise
prices under the threat of a penalty of death).
Pluto from mid- to late Capricorn has, in full accordance with astrological theory, a
strong connection to a resetting of the financial system. The next time Pluto will travel
that degree area in 2015-2020, that’s when the next reset of the system is due. In
2020-23 the next secular booms starts in a new system, hopefully not the New World
Order which is nothing than a blend of an Orwellian police state and Hitler-/ Stalinstyle
dictatorships, with the additional feature that every citizen is chipped and every
step is monitored by the system.

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