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Monday, December 14, 2009

GOOG update

Goog is reaching the 600 resistance which is very strong by all means. The Phone Goog will introduce will be a hit but its more than priced in at 40 PE and they will use the phone as a platform and price it aggressively is my guess since the ipod touch has the biggest internet penetration.
The upcoming correction should be at least 100 but even 200 points are possible in the first half of 2010. It is 1-2 higher highs from today before the stock should start retreating around 600. The overall markets will be challenged into a correction around the holidays. Especially the Lunar eclipse at NYE in square to Saturn bears a very unpleasant energy as it activates the Saturn/ Pluto square and brings the overall rally to an end. The correction is overdue the only remaining question rather is how deep will it run. In case of Goog I do not think it will retest the lows since they will as Apple generate a new income source but bring definetly more trouble for Nokia and RIMM. In some area's it will even be better than the IPhone until the next model comes.

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