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Friday, December 11, 2009

VAT - Another milestone of the Bilderberger

The basic idea of the current milestone is to eliminate all tax heavens and create a global VAT apparently as it gets more and more obvious. After destroying the secrecy of Swiss banks and destroying faith into Lichtenstein now its about time to screw Dubai - leaves Singapore as the next target.
The introduction of VAT is one of the major tasks of the IMF and America is now ready to do so and Ms Pelosi who is an active member of the Bilderberger is pushing the agenda.


Many See the VAT Option as a Cure for Deficits

By: Catherine Rampbell
The New York Times

Runaway federal deficits have thrust a politically unsavory savior into the spotlight: a nationwide tax on goods and services.

Members of Congress, like their constituents, are squeamish about such ideas, instead suggesting spending cuts or higher taxes on the rich. But with a lack of political will to do the former, and a practical ceiling to how much revenue can be milked from the latter, economists across the political spectrum say a consumption tax may be inevitable once the economy fully recovers.

“We have to start paying our bills eventually,” said Charles E. McLure, a tax economist who worked in the Reagan administration. “This strikes me as the best and most obvious way of doing it.”

Nancy Pelosi
Getty Images
Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) speaks during her weekly news conference at the US Capitol in Washington, DC.

The favored route of economists is known as a value-added tax, which is a tax on goods and services that is collected at every step along the production chain, from raw material to a consumer’s shopping bag. Similar to a sales tax, it generally results in consumers paying more for the things they buy. The revenues could be used to pay for health care or other social programs, or just to pay down existing debt.

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