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Monday, December 28, 2009

Brainstorming Monday - part 1

1. Most of the smart-ass guys on (CNBC - Bloomberg) TV - I am referring mostly to so called fund-mangers have not made any money for their clients in the last 10 years. Actually they have rather lost money in real and nominal terms who come up now and praise some bullshit recovery stories are mostly overpaid liars in some cases evil opportunists. In the last 10 years all US indices have lost money in Dollar terms and even more so in real money terms ( against Gold or the CRB). Most of the Bond funds have also lost money allthou─▒gh some may have made money in nominal terms but in real inflation terms they have lost money as well. This whole Wallstreet money management is a huge ponzi scheme basically the so called heroes like recently Paulson before him Soros were never available for Mainstreet they are actually outlets of the Rothschild / Rockefeller gang I suspect and that they made money was not only based on skills also on their information network to put it in diplomatic terms.
Some money mangers are doing a prudent job but the big houses with their asset management bullshit theories are more like casino's working only for their own merits.

Beneath some simple and good arguments why the emperor is really naked -* do not buy any of these snake oil sales people bullshit including to the top of DC who are liars by profession - 'West Wing' was just produced to make you believe that something decent must be in DC but that's another propaganda story and part of the Matrix.

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